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117º WEST Travel Items

Never leave home with out your favorite 117º WEST body care treat!

  • Body Lotion 2oz
  • Body Wash 2oz
  • Hair Conditioning Spray 2oz
  • Body Buff 2oz
  • Body Butter 2oz
  • Sea Salt Body Polish 2oz
  • Bar Soap 1oz


SCENTS: Tangerine Sage; Pink Plumeria

Tangerine Sage: (juicy tangerine+garden sage+vanilla bean) An uplifting blend that inspires a positive mood and uplifted state of mind while helping ease stress and restore tranquility ... freeing you to calm your body and enjoy the moments of the day.

Pink Plumeria: (plumeria petals+coastal jasmine+pink grapefruit) A romantic blend that evokes a tranquil getaway, a warm embrace, the chance to reconnect with nature and breathe in the tropics.