117º West.  well... 32º 47’ 26” North, 117º 15’ 37” West, to be exact. Our point of inspiration.

That's where you'll find us... surrounded by the sea, surf and serenity with the sun dancing over the waves.

While we've been busy over the years formulating custom products for top spas and resorts, our own line of Tangerine Sage body products has proven to be a hidden gem, having developed a cult-like following of it's own. It is cherished for the memories of coastal and island getaways and championed for how well it works on skin of all ages. And can we talk about that scent?? On the daily, we hear how much the Tangerine Sage aromatic blend elevates a mood, lifts a spirit or just plain puts a smile on a face. And truly, what more could we ask for?

Our recently reformulated line features active ocean extracts, including Hawaiian Algae extract, Sea Kelp Algae extract and Pacific Coast Giant Kelp extract. Your skin will love being drenched in the nourishment from these ocean super stars.

We invite you to try our 117º WEST products and let them transport you to the warm sands and sun-kissed waves of the southern California Coast. You (yes, you!), the ocean is calling you. Go ahead, here's your excuse to take a mini vacation - even if it's only for a few moments at home. 117º WEST ... your coastal getaway, when you can't quite get away to the coast.


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