Luxurious . Artisan . Hand-Crafted . Small-Batches

Based in San Diego, California, our small but mighty team lovingly creates
the finest bath, body & beauty products
inspired by a coastal lifestyle and enriched with marine-based nutrients.

From orchestrating beautifully complex aroma blends to
diving deep within the coastal waves for the purest ocean ingredients...
...the result is an amazing collection of truly luxurious spa & skin care products.

Since 2001, these products have been featured in the finest
spas, resorts, and boutiques from the West Coast to the East Coast and beyond.
Our renowned Private Label Program provides high-end Spas and Resorts
with an exclusive product line of custom-designed signature products
backed by a comprehensive portfolio of luxurious natural products,
modern packaging design, and a partnership in success.

Looking to shop?
You can find our best-selling products within this website's retail shop.
We recently updated our signature line with beautiful new packaging on the outside and even more
ocean-derived actives and nutrients on the inside.
If you loved your Tangerine Sage products before, look out... you're in for a big treat!

Come join us... dive in!
The sun is warm, the water is refreshing, and the air is filled with love and aloha!