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117º WEST Home Fragrance Gift Set     FREE SHIPPING!

Infuse the air with the warm aromatic blend of Tangerine Sage.

A gorgeous bundle of two artisan Tangerine Sage Soy Candles and a Tangerine Sage Room Fragrance Spray.

  • Tangerine Sage Soy Candle (reg. $38.00)
  • Tangerine Sage Soy Candle (reg. $38.00)
  • Tangerine Sage Room Fragrance (reg. $18.00)

Wrapped in our signature gift wrap.

A $94 value for just $85. Wrapped and ready to gift.


The story behind our Tangerine Sage Soy Artisan Candles ...

... an inspired Collaboration.

A shared love of good wine, good waves and good friends.

It all starts with a wine bottle. One that has been shared and savored down to the last drop.
Then the artisan journey begins. In La Petite Bouteille’s seaside candle studio each bottle is cut, sanded and polished by hand then filled with natural soy wax infused with our Tangerine Sage signature aroma blend.

Each bottle lovingly recycled into a gorgeous candle ... to be shared and savored, once again. Cheers!

$ 85.00 $ 94.00

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