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Sea Breeze Wind Chimes

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Fill the air with the soothing sound of these delightful ceramic wind chimes. A refreshing sea breeze perhaps?

We've partnered with our friends at Fettle & Fire to create two custom strands of chimes inspired by some of our most beloved San Diego places.  

SUNSET CLIFFS in ivory~yellow~coral. Reminiscent of the colors of the sunset as the coastal breeze blows the last of the afternoon away and ushers in the evening.

LA JOLLA COVE in ivory~seafoam~celadon. Enjoying the slow rhythm of the tide's ebb and flow as the ocean breeze dances, surrounded by all the beautiful colors the coast has to offer.

Beautiful to hang as a single strand as an art accent. Or, as we prefer, to achieve a chiming sound we recommend hanging 2+ strands 3-5 inches apart so that the breeze will move them into gentle contact with each other.

Each strand has six individual chimes, each measuring approx. 3 inches across, and hanging approx. one inch apart on a sturdy hemp cord, with an additional yard (or so) of twine for hanging at the top.

Chimes are made of earthen stoneware clay and are tinted with specialized pigments before firing to 2232 degrees. Every batch is unique, making every chime unique!

Each strand sold separately. Also available as a set of two (one of each design).