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Inspired by the beauty and nourishment of the Pacific Ocean lapping against the San Diego shoreline.

Our saltwater soaps are hand-crafted with certified organic plant oils, mineral-rich ocean water, and nourishing marine algae.

Steal a coastal getaway for yourself as you immerse yourself in our ocean-inspired aromatic blends.

Mistletoe + Salt Air from $ 10.00
Beachcomber from $ 10.00
Mulled Wine Cider from $ 10.00
Mochaccino Mint from $ 10.00
Cranberry Walnut from $ 10.00
Champagne Currant from $ 10.00
Coastal Cassis from $ 10.00
Biscotti and Coffee from $ 10.00
Tangerine Sage Sold Out
Mini Soap Bars from $ 5.00